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Hello ! I'm Adrien
I’m Building Digital Experience & Interface

I’m Adrien Gervaix, a freelance Product / UI - UX Designer currently living in Lille, France.
My experience comes from working with companies to solve problems on their product and help them ship redesign, alpha products or new features. One of my goals during a project is to make sure we are always on the same page by documenting and communicating about the journey.


Over these pasts years, I helped big, small companies and startups building and shipping their product. I’ve collaborate with teams — on site or remote — to build on a wide product range. Working with CEO on product strategy or with designers and developpers on design systems.

  • SAAS Product

    Building and shipping ideas, from features to complete product.

  • Design System

    Working on your product concistency and helping others getting onboard.

  • Website

    Telling a story that will engage your target audience to your product.

  • Branding

    Creating a brand appealing to your users and customers that align your strategy.

Past Experience

Want to know more about my education and experience.

My Resume
& Process
Using the right tools with a well structured process leads to the collaboration’s success
  • 1.


    Gathering informations about your product and his goals. Researching your industry and competitors.

  • 2.


    Turning the research into a solution thats will meet your goals and will be efficient for your users.

  • 3.


    Combining the form and the function to make sure your user have a delightful experience.

  • 4.


    Following along the developpment to ensure that nothing was left on the side.

Playground & Exploration
Driven by a love of exploring new knowledge around design and more.

Collecting visual inspirations, learning new things and building projects are what filling my daily life.

I tried to understand my learning process and want that there is something to learn from the start to the beginning. I’ve shared it further on Instagram or Codepen.

Lets work together 
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I’m open to freelance opportunities or remote position. Also feel free to reach out if you need a hand on your side / open source project. I’d would love to help

I’m not really active on Linkedin but you can stay in touch with me on Twitter. I post some of my work on Dribbble and some experiments on Codepen and Instagram.