05 ——— Dartagnan

Creating an Email Marketing Plateform


Dartagnan is a SaaS solution that allows you and your team to optimise all of your digital marketing campaign, like email, on all the devices of your target market.





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I’m sharing where I’ve contributed to this project and not details about it.

01 Process

I worked on this project from early concept to alpha phase. I teamed up with other designers and developers to build every aspect of the product. We spent most of the time working on research, wireframes and prototype; once we were satisfied, we started designing the interface elements and crafting the interaction.

icon research

Researching the direct competitors was an essential task to have an overview of the strength and weakness of the existing market. It helped me to have a solid base to start sketching and wireframing.

icon wireframes

Dartagnan targeted big companies where teams create a significant volume of email campaigns and need an intuitive tool to use, in terms of campaign management and creation.

icon prototype

One of the most complex features to create was the drag’n’drop in the email designer. The complexity of an email structure made us prototype several iterations to find the perfect way to edit the content.

icon ui
UI Design & Interaction

The main difficulties were to design the campaign designer, to create a tool and visuals assets that were easy to use and create a visual hierarchy in the campaign management.

icon landing
Landing Page

The early version of the landing page aimed to describe the strength of the tool and let the user subscribe by email. After designing it, I developed a responsive version of the landing page with Fundation.

icon video
Promotional Video

Creating a video was the last part of the mission. Its purpose was to ease the understanding of the strength of the product without showing too much of it.

02 Promotional Video

I created a video to show the advantage of using Dartagnan. After getting the main points and the structure of the video, I worked on the storyboard to explain what I visually wanted to do and get validation. Then I worked on all the major vector assets and finally started the animation after receiving the voice-over.

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